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Can I purchase for a friend?

Yes. Hell yes! We want people writing, and you are our biggest strength of discovery. We want people helping themselves, but everyone needs “that” friend who kicks them in the arse to get started. Be “that” friend. Everyone loves giving and receiving gifts. It makes us feel warm and fuzzy. If you want to buy a journal for a friend, you can fill in a different shipping address. Write a note that the journal is a gift and let us know if you want it to be anonymous, or let the person know who sent it.

You mention sharing stories. Can this be anonymous?

Feel Think Do is an ever-growing crew. We love our community. You will see we often talk about people wanting to be heard. We write a lot of stuff, but one of our dreams is to have our writers sharing their stories. Whether it is through our Blog, newsletter, or on Social Media. We want people to feel safe sharing their journeys. Their wins and losses. Challenges and triumphs. 

We want our crew to be heard. But opening yourself up to the world.. can be scary as fuck! So we always offer people the chance to share anonymously. Just getting your voice out there is an enormous step. If your will share your voice with us, we are proud to broadcast it to the world.

Where can I find the Feel Think Do community?

We are active for writers, fans and Trolls on:





Why Trolls? We know not everyone loves us. We know EVERYONE has an opinion and loves to share that opinion. That is the joy of the internet. We see every Troll and hate mail as an opportunity. That said, we will shut shit down quick if it isn’t constructive. We protect our community and won’t allow verbal Slug Fests on our channels. Everyone has an opinion… opinion does not = correct. The world is full of open minds and closed minds.

Can I share things to Social Media?

Yes. Please, yes. Word of mouth is the best way for us to get out there. The more you share, the more people will find us. We appreciate every share and try to interact as much as we can. 

We want our writers to share their own stuff. Pictures on Instagram (you can #feelthinkdonow or @feelthinkdonow). Tag us in Facebook with @feelthinkdonow or share stuff direct to our page. 

If you want to share our stuff, you can share our newsletter (or parts of). Share our FB, IG, or TT. Share our site. Every share is another life we touch. 

Here’s the rub… We don’t want to see fluffy “staged” advertising pictures. We want to see real writing. Real life. Your journal is a tool. We want to see scuffs, coffee stains, empty booze bottles, cigarette butts. Torn pages and scribbles. We want to see the real you. We want people to see what real writing and real life is like. We don’t write in fluffy bubbles… so why portray that image?

Can I send photos to you?

Yup. We love receiving photos of real life writing and situations. You can share things yourself, or send it to us and we will share it for you. It might be on Social Media. Maybe in the newsletter or a blog post. We love seeing people put us to use, and a picture is worth 1000 words. 

You can send photos to us at 

If you can attach a story as well, that is outstanding!

Can I send quotes to you?

Definitely. Every 3 months we print a new version and are always updating our “Words of Wisdom” list. We want you to see new thought-provoking words in each edition. 

If you find words that inspire or challenge you, send it to us. We add it to our database for use. If we use your quote in a future edition, we will attribute the quote with your name right beside the Author. You could see your name immortalised on the page… if you want. 

You can send quotes to us at 

If you can attach a story about why you like the quote, fantastic! We like to see how things affect people in life.

Can I share journal entries with you?

Yes. We all have stuff going on. We write each day and will often share. One of our core beliefs is that people want to be heard. Everyone has a voice, but these days, many people feel lost, mute, like they are shouting into a void. In a world that is connected 24/7, many feel more isolated than ever.What we see and hear around us often feels shallow. For many people, writing in their journal is the only place they can sing and scream. 

We hope you find a place where you feel safe and strong enough to share your stories. Your breakthroughs and challenges. If you just want us to see it, cool. If your want us to share your voice with the world, even cooler. We can do this anonymously or get you out there. 

You can share entries with us at

Do you have a newsletter?

Yes. You can find a link to our newsletter at the bottom of each page. Or you can subscribe here. 

We keep it short and sweet. Sharing things we find and you find. We will never spam you and there is no blah blah blah.

How often will I receive the newsletter?

We send the newsletter every Monday. A good way to start the week. You can share the newsletter with anyone, or send segments that stick with you.

What’s in the Newsletter?

We keep it on point. We focus on writing, but there is a lot that feeds into our writing. 

We share Blog Posts we write or find. Music and photos that inspire or challenge us. We share words of wisdom, books, videos, and sometimes interesting tech we find. 

We have our own stuff, but we want to hear from you, too. Introduce us  to new things. Share with the community. We will often share our thoughts on things, or how it relates to Feel Think Do. But we also want to see your back-story. Why does a song inspire you? What did you get out of the Podcast? How did something help you?

How do I share your journal with friends and colleagues?

So many ways! You can share our site, Socials, and newsletter.

If you want to be a loyal friend, buy a journal to share with friends and colleagues. Nothing kicks someone in the arse more than handing them a journal with a, “Get to it!” 

We have a rewards program for our writers. An incentive to help you do something we hope you want to do already! If you know a health professional, or are lucky enough to have a friend who owns a bookstore, you can put us in contact at:

Health Professionals


How do you handle Trolling?

We monitor all our Socials. We don’t run a nanny state. We know people have opinions, and you can get a lot of insight from these opinions. But we won’t tolerate hate or trolling in our communities. We shut that down quick, and we won’t apologise. We have our own opinions, and many people won’t agree with us. It is just an opinion. We don’t have an issue with your religious, political, sexual, musical, etc beliefs. We have an issue when opinions become self-righteous diatribe. 

We are not monkeys flinging shit. We don’t engage. We just shut it down. If we find people who are constant antagonists (we know how to pick ‘em), we will kick them the f*** out! These are not people we want in the Feel Think Do community.

Can I contact other users?

We can’t stop people contacting each other. You know… internet. But we will never share your information. If you send something to us in confidence, it stays that way. If you want to share something anonymously, we honour that. 

If someone contacts you in a way that makes you uncomfortable, you can reach us here. 

We can’t always do something, and we hope you are adult enough to do something your (FB - Block!) but we want to know what is happening, and if there is something we can do in our community, we will do our best.

If I share something, will people know who I am?

That’s up to you. We want to hear from you. If you want your voice out there anonymously… no problem. We will never share something without your permission. 

If you share something direct to Social Media, we appreciate it, but we also want you to be responsible for your own actions. We’re all adults.

Can I share something anonymously?

If you want to share anonymously, send it to

Be sure to let us know you are happy to share, but you want it to be anonymous. We understand that sharing something is a huge (often uncomfortable) step. I can take time to put a name to something.

Can't find answers? Drop us a line!