How It Works

"Be fluid, adopt the idea and adapt it to your needs."

A journal is a process. Sometimes it feels like your best friend. Other times it's your biggest critic. But these are your thoughts, feelings, and words. Getting them on the page is the first step.

Feel Think Do is a simple structure with prompts to help guide you through your journey.

Explore the sections to learn the philosophy behind each feature.

Daily Quote

People love motivation. We see quotes from 'great thinkers' everywhere.

But how often do we read something, think, 'Aw... I totally relate', and then forget?

We want to inspire you, but reading is not enough. We provide space for you to reflect and write about how these words affect you.

Use the wisdom of others to gain insight about your current situation, or trigger a new train of thought.

First Thought

Do you ever notice when you wake up and the same thought pops into your head each morning? Something's going on.

Your brain works hard while you sleep. It processes things your waking mind ignores. Give it some love.

Instead of ignoring this kick in the arse, capture the first word, feeling, problem or idea that pops into your head when you wake.

Be more aware of your waking state.

First Answer

If there's a question, there's probably an answer. If there's an idea, there's probably a first step. A problem identified. A problem solved.

Don’t let the night shift go to waste. They worked hard to provide some answers.

Write it down, and you will discover that recurring thoughts disappear. You wake up and move on to new thoughts.


Free form writing. Journaling 101.

Let your emotions flow onto the page. Be honest. Don't censor yourself.

Your journal is your safe place. The only judgement is your own. Give your feelings and thoughts body, and then own them.

The more you do it, the more comfortable it becomes. Let it out. Let it go.


We live in an age of 'connecting with our emotional & authentic selves'. This is great!

Except emotional investment often guides and stalls many of our decisions. We find ourselves in emotional loops.


Take away the emotion and look at what is really going on.

A separate space to evaluate your situations and mindsets. Be your own "no bullshit" best friend.


Ever notice that kids don't worry about the last handhold when looking to climb a tree? They walk up, find the first hold... and transform into monkeys.

You have your FEEL & THINK. Now create simple actions in DO to reach your goals, one step at a time.

Don't lose sight of your Big Pictures, but break them down and enjoy small wins as they compound. Never lose sight of what you can DO.

Your Inspiration

Don’t just listen to us. What motivates us might be different for you.

Find your own inspiration in this world and capture it. Explore and understand what motivates you and makes you happy.

A quote. A song. An image.

Reflect on your day as it finishes, or create your drive each morning.

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.

- Mark Twain