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Why is the journal hand specific?

FEEL THINK DO is printed in 2 versions:
- Left Hand
- Right Hand

We have done this to provide ease of use and help with the psychology of writing.

Left-handed: No more smudged ink and dirty fingers. We discovered through testing that many southpaws avoid writing. We remember the criticism (especially in the 70s,80s & 90s) we received while learning to write at school. Hell... in the '70's and '80's you could still be caned for writing left handed.

Writing left to right on the page, we cover our words. Out of sight, out of mind. Many people won't go back and read what they wrote. This can have an adverse psychological effect. The left-hand edition is designed to keep your words fresh in your mind, front and centre. Our research with left-handed writers showed that the layout of the left hand edition allowed them to transition through the different sections easier. They were better able to question their feelings, write logically and create more concise actions. Left hand writers felt more comfortable writing and took notice of the ink they were putting on the page.

Right-handed: Your journal provides a natural flow from left to right. As above you will always have your words in plain view so you can read, reflect and make notes between the three areas of the page. Our right hand writers find the simple layout provides structure to their writing while allowing their thoughts to flow. They become more aware of how they write and what they might otherwise miss.


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