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I see a benefit for people in my organisation and would like to share. What options are available?

If you see progress in your journey and are part of an organisation, we want to hear from you.

We’ve been students. We’ve lived in the Corporate Jungle and worked with people from all walks of life. We’ve dealt with mental afflictions, work-life balance, well-being, stress and pressure. We understand all too well how one person’s actions can help create a harmonious environment for everyone around them.

If you are part of an organisation, charity, student body, or even a book group, reach out to us at and we will chat to help you help others.

Are you a Health Professional?

No. We are not qualified Health Professionals. We do not have a degree in Counselling or Psychology. Feel Think Do is a project of personal experience and application. Sitting, listening and talking to everyday people about what is happening in their lives. Looking at our experiences and what we have learnt.

Are you a Therapist?

No. We are not qualified therapists. We will never claim to be a qualified Health Professional. Our journal is a platform for people to work through what is happening in their lives, either individually or beside their Therapist. We know there are people dedicated to this industry and helping people. We created a tool for others to use.

Our hope and goal is to collaborate with professionals and open new avenues for patients to deal with their shit.

If you would like to collaborate and work with us, you can contact us at

What qualifications do you have in the Health Industry?

None whatsoever! Feel Think Do came into existence through personal experience and application. We created it do deal with our own shit when feeling there was no one out there to help. We created it after having countless conversations with people who were challenged or looking to grow.

We realised we created a new tool based around an age old mindset. One that seems to be lacking in the “popular” Self-Help industry. We can reach one person at a time. Therapists and other Health Professionals reach thousands of people every day.

Are you qualified to give health advice?

Do we have a piece of paper (Please don’t think we are down-playing the importance of this. Good Health Professionals are amazing)? No. Do we have years of experience dealing with personal affliction? Yes. Every conversation we have ever had started with, “I am not a Health Professional.”

Our “advice” is from our own experiences and the experiences of others. It is from talking with professionals in the industry about the people they help and the problems they see. From people who are dealing with situations, or have come out the other side. We will never tell people what they “should” do, but offer perspectives that people can try to implement in their lives. We are authors and publishers who want to give people a new perspective and platform.

Do you engage in Therapy?

No. We share things we find to help people but will not offer health advice for specific individuals. We leave that to the professionals. We enjoy working with Health Professionals to bring the journal to writers. We listen to people and discuss general knowledge or experiences, but we will never offer specific advice to a writers situation.

I am a Therapist and like your journal. How can I use them with my patients?

We love working with Health Professionals and if they find a benefit in using our journal, then we have done our job. If you want to discuss working with us, you can email us at

How can Therapists use our journals with patients? It differs for everyone. Feel Think Do is a method and platform for writing. It connects people with their feelings (challenges and inspiration), logic (what are underlying causes), and helps create action (to deal with the past or move forward). We are always interested to see how Therapists integrate our journal into their working method.

Can I buy in bulk? What will it cost me?

Yes. If you would like to work with us, contact us at

For Therapists we will discuss a wholesale rate and shipping. We ship all over the world. We look after you so you can look after new writers.

How does your journal tackle mental health?

Feel Think Do is a down-to-earth method. We believe in gratitude, positivity and moving forward. But we understand many people focus on these things to ignore underlying issues. We want to drive people toward better things while giving them a safe place to deal with current issues. 

Our motto is, “Own your shit. Own yourself.” Our method can apply to any situation:

  • Trauma
  • Addiction
  • Productivity
  • Depression
  • Relationships
  • Entrepreneurship

It allows people to break down their Big Picture into the What, Why, and How. It focuses on bolstering their strengths while confronting their “weaknesses”.

What demographics have you worked with?

During the testing and subsequent years, we have worked with many walks of life. We work with:

  • Addiction
  • Mental disorders (Bi-Polar, depressions, trauma, etc.)
  • PTSI
  • Rape and abuse
  • Relationships
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Artists
  • Left and Right hand writers
  • Corporate groups
  • Young Adults
  • Education

We believe our journal is for Anyone and Everyone. So we needed diversity to test this. It worked in all situations when people let it.

Have you used your journal with addicts? How did it help them?

Yes. Some benefits we found with addicts was:

  • People opening up and confronting their addictions.
  • People creating a dialogue with themselves.
  • People creating actionable steps for their journey.
  • People tracking their progress and setbacks. Being able to give voice to their setbacks, take responsibility and work out new ways to overcome.

Have you used your journal with mental disorders?

Yes. During the testing phase, our goal was to locate individuals diagnosed with a range of physical and mental afflictions.

We had:

  • Former stroke victims who were affected mentally and physically.
  • People diagnosed with Bi-Polar, chronic depression, chronic fatigue, and trauma induced by mental, physical and sexual abuse.
  • Army veterans who suffer PTSI.
  • Career (or other) mental and emotional burnout.
  • People who just felt like something was missing or were not in a good head space.

We believed our method could apply to any affliction if a person was willing to give it a try. People who had shied away from writing in a confrontational way opened up. The way they used the journal was mixed. Some gained understanding of underlying causes. Others used the journal to make sense and give voice to where they were in the moment. Almost all used the journal to plot a way forward.

Is your journal based on negative emotions and trauma?

Not at all. There is a common theme that those who “pursue” happiness are the least happy. But as people, we don’t want to live in a state of negativity. We want to be happy. We want to be at peace. Feel Think Do does not focus on negativity, but pushes people confront those things that are negative instead of ignoring or running away from them. Something isn’t a problem until you admit it is a problem.

We want people to be inspired and positive. But that is not everyone’s baseline. It is about finding that baseline and then moving forward. Feel Think Do is as much a tool of inspiration, artistry, happiness, and gratitude as it is a tool for confronting challenging aspects of our lives. In the end, the journal is the same for everyone. They are just starting from different places on the path of life.

Why should we work with you?

We want to help people. We are a business. Our goal is to get as many people as we can writing. To have people taking ownership of their emotional states, actions, and lives. We offer a different (not new) perspective that is not found in most market journals these days.

We reach one person at a time. Health Professionals have an established client base. Every day, they are helping people in different ways. Where we can reach one person, they can reach twenty.

We’re confident that any Health Professional can integrate the Feel Think Do method into their method and practice because the fundamentals are the same. Our method is open enough to be adapted in ways the Health Professional deems fit. They can overlay their own techniques into the journal because it is based around connection, understanding, and action.

If you would like to work with us, please contact us at We would love to work with you and offer something a little different to your patients.

What does your journal offer writers?

Why is the sky blue? We designed Feel Think Do to offer a structure that anyone can adapt to their personal writing process.

Every writer we speak to tells a different story. Some complete every section, every day. Some only write in need. Some skip entire sections or use them in need. Some resonate with one aspect but not another. We always say, “There is no right or wrong way to write.” There is only writing or not writing.

When we first designed the journal we had a set idea of how it should work. Because that is how it worked for us. Feedback blew that out of the water during testing. Everyone used the lines and sections differently. What we discovered was that it was the underlying method that people resonated with. The design was just lines on a page, separated in a certain way and with some specific prompts to help people create their own journey.

Do we have to incorporate your method into our practice?

No. A journal is just a book. White paper with lines that offers people a safe place to write. We hope you will find a way to integrate us into your practice. If there is a way that our method offers you new techniques for what you do already, then that is amazing.

But we do not want to change how professionals operate. We want to be a tool that Health Professionals incorporate into what they already do.

How is your Feel Think Do different to other journals?

A simple but tricky question. There are so many journals on the market now. Some deal primarily in the space of gratitude and positivity. Some present a specific method for writing. Other have a specific goal for people to work towards.

When we first started, we were bombarded with the marketing buzz-question, “Who is your ideal client? Who is your niche?” The only answer we could come up with was, “Everyone.”

We tried to narrow it down, “This journal is for people who are challenged or suffering.” But the artists and gratitude Kool-Aiders  proved us wrong there.

“The journal is for people who want to be inspired and have big ideas but feel stuck in getting started.” But "Everyday-Joe" with no ambitions proved us wrong there.

Every person on this planet has dreams. We all have challenges. We all feel, think, and do stuff. The only thing that changes from person to person is the degree in which we experience these things.

Our journal is for anyone who is a feeling, thinking, acting Human Being.

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