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Where is your journal printed?

We print our journals in Thailand. We work with a local company to source and print. We opted out of printing with large international companies because our products use special papers. We want to keep control of quality and production.

Where do you ship from?

Our journals are warehoused and shipped from Thailand. We believe in supporting local business and want to keep ultimate quality control. Every journal is checked before being shipped.

How do you ship?

Our normal shipping method for retail sales is through Thailand Post Air Freight. Normal turn-around time is 2-3 weeks.

For larger orders, we have access to all major carriers. We are happy to research and quote for different carriers if you have a preference or if we can organise a better shipping rate for you.

To discuss how we can ship to you, contact us at

Do you offer wholesale rates?

Yes. For book stores we offer wholesale prices. Prices are determined by order size and frequency.

Our goal is to build ongoing relationships with quality stockists and Health Professionals.

Our other goal is to get people writing. We want to help people, and local stockists have a far greater reach than we do.

We are happy to discuss wholesale prices as our relationship grows. We all have a bottom line, but we want to look after you so you can look after our writers. 

You can reach us to discuss at

Do you offer your journal on consignment?

No. We did when starting out. But with shipping rates and general headaches, consignment was not a viable option. We believe in our product and if you believe there is a benefit to having us in your store, then the risk is worth taking.

Can I buy in Bulk?

Yup. We prefer bulk orders for book-stores. We are happy to discuss smaller orders to test the waters. When you buy in bulk, we will offer wholesale prices and different shipping options. 

Contact us at to discuss your first order.

How much is shipping on bulk orders?

Shipping is determined by quantity (weight), destination, and preferred carrier.

When discussing an order, we will research and provide shipping rate quotes before finalising any orders.

We ship from Thailand. Our default carrier is Thailand Post Air Freight, but we have access to all major international carriers.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship everywhere. We love finding our way into new countries. If you are from a new country, we will research applicable laws and shipping. If you are a stockist in a new country, we appreciate any feedback you can give regarding applicable laws and processes.

Let us know where you are from at, and we will work out how to get journals to your country.

Why should we stock your journal?

Because we are worth stocking. We make a beautiful product that helps people and “Self Help” is an ever-expanding industry.

People are looking for new ways to write and express themselves. People are always looking for ways to run away from shit they need to confront. We are about helping people step up and take ownership of themselves. You can help us do that.

We have an ever growing online community, but you have the face-to-face relationship with people in your community.

We do not sell on Amazon or large online Book Chain sites.

We love bookstores and want to keep Brick & Mortar book shops alive. Book stores are one of those shops that people love. The smell of paper and ink. Writers and readers will spend hours in a good book store. True book lovers always have faith in their book store.

Do you offer promotional material?

At this point in time, no. But we offer access to all of our branding material.

We do this for several reasons:

  • Printing and shipping promotional material is expensive. It is often cheaper to source printing of promotional material locally.
  • Every book-store has their own atmosphere. We offer access to our branding that you can then adapt to suit the feel of your store.

I am a small independent book-store. Can I stock your journal?

Hell yes! We love independent stores. We come from a small country town that never knew the touch of chain stores.

We are a small business and we want to work with small businesses. You have the connection with your local community. Every independent book store has their own flavour. We are quirky as hell and enjoy working with other eclectics. 

Let’s talk quirky. Contact us at

Do you deal with large book-store chains?

More journals in hands = more people writing. We love working with independent stores but understand that larger stores have greater access to writers. We are happy to talk to larger book suppliers as they can provide more help to more people.

For bulk orders to larger stores, we can discuss wholesale prices and shipping options. We ship internationally, so can discuss shipping to central, or local warehouses.

We do not supply to large online stores that are pure internet based. We want to see our journals on shelves.

Contact us at

Are there customs or duty charges?

Printed material is normally exempt from customs fees and duties.

As a book stockist, if your country has specific rules, regulations, or costs associated with importing printed material, we appreciate a heads up so we can take that into account.

Feel Think Do does not retain any responsibility for any duties or fees in the destination country.

How long will it take to receive our order?

The documented shipping time with our default carrier (Thailand Post) is 2-3 weeks. In 90% of cases, time to arrive is much shorter. When you place an order, we will fulfill the order within 2 business days. If there is a delay, we will contact you. 

We will contact you with any tracking numbers and links. 

If you have not received your order within the 3-week period, contact us at Include your Order # and “Order not received” in the Subject Line. We will chase it up.

 If you experience any unusual customs or shipping incidents on your first order, please let us know so we are aware of it in the future.

Do you do book signings or workshops?

Not normally. But if you have a close knit community and think there would be a benefit in getting us all together, we are happy to have a chat.

We love exploring unknown places and meeting new people. We are happy to share and workshop our experiences and those of other writers we have met. Meeting our writers is the best way to get feedback, socialise, and improve. 

If you would like to discuss a book signing or workshop, drop us a line at Include “Book Signing” or “Workshop” in your Subject Line.

What does your journal offer our customers?

We designed Feel Think Do to offer a structure that anyone can adapt to their personal writing process.

Every writer we speak to tells a different story. Some complete every section, every day. Some only write in need. Some skip entire sections or use them in need. Some resonate with one aspect but not another.

We always say, “There is no right or wrong way to write.” There is only writing or not writing. 

When we first designed the journal we had a set idea of how it should work. Because that is how it worked for us. Feedback blew that out of the water during testing. Everyone used the lines and sections differently. What we discovered was that it was the underlying method that people resonated with. The design was just lines on a page, separated in a certain way and with some specific prompts to help people create their own journey. 

What does Feel Think Do offer your customers? It offers them a new perspective. The ideas are not new. People have been using them forever. It is a mix of Stoicism, Buddhism, Realism… everything.It offers a people a new method to and structure to do what they are already doing. It gives them space to extend their strengths and confront their challenges. Whether they are writing from a positive or negative space, they can adapt the method and structure to suit their needs.

We offer a rugged, high-quality tool that you can take anywhere. Stuffed in a backpack. Sitting in a cafe in a foreign country. This beautifully crafted journal will stand up to anything you can throw at it.

How is your journal different to other journals we stock?

We encourage our writers to thoroughly test the product because it is made of high-quality materials that are rugged and can be abused. We want our writers to put it through its paces.

We do not want to see coddled journals. We want to see coffee stains and whisky stains. Scribbles and ripped pages. We envisioned a journal to stand the rigors of life because it reflects the people who use it.

We believe in positivity and growth. But we don’t want people focusing on these things to the detriment of challenges they face. We are not "Gratitude Kool-Aiders".

We tell people to “Step up and own their shit.” We offer a method of down-to-earth foundations that people adapt to their needs. It will lift people up… or drag them up. Whatever they need.

We designed a page structure that is simple to understand and open enough to be used for anyone’s style.

No single aspect of our journal is unique. You can find every aspect of our journal in another. Like people, it is the combination of these common flavours in one place that make Feel Think Do unique. You will not find these separate tools wrapped into a single package anywhere else.

Can't find answers? Drop us a line!