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Do you have a rewards program?

Yes. We look after our writers because you are our crew, and our strongest link to the outside world. We hope you want to share our journal with people anyway, but it is always nice to receive something for our efforts. 

Every member of the Feel Think Do crew receives a unique code. You share this code with friends and if they use it when buying their first journal, they will receive a discount. 

Every time your code is used, we note it on your profile in our systems and you will receive a discount on your next journal.

How does the code work?

Your code is unique. When you become a Feel Think Do writer, we create a code specific to you. 

You can share your code anyway you want. We make the code simple to remember. When your friend buys their first journal, they input your code into their checkout. This will automatically apply the code for them. We track our new journals as they go out and we will see your code used. We then note your code in your profile.

How much discount do my friends get?

Your friends will receive a 5% discount off their first journal. This 5% does not apply to shipping. Shipping is a killer and we wear some of the cost already to make it easier for our crew.

How does my reward work?

Any time someone uses your code for a new journal, you will also receive a 5% discount off your next journal. But… Your discount accumulates! If your code is used once, you will receive 5%. If 10 friends write with your code, you will receive 50% off your next journal. If you introduce us to enough new writers, your next journal could be FREE! And who doesn’t love free stuff? 

Read below about shipping and rewards.

How do I receive my rewards code?

When you purchase your first journal and become a member of the Feel Think Do crew, you will receive an email from us. This email will include confirmation of shipping, your tracking number, and your unique rewards code. 

Be sure to accept our email notifications, and when you receive your first email mark it as “Not Spam”. This ensures you will receive your details. Don’t worry, we won’t spam you. We hate that too!

How many times can my code be used?

Your code has no limit. It will always be active. The only caveat as that your code can only be used on a first edition. When your friends order their first journal, they can use your code. But it can’t be used on following editions. Our rewards program is for new writers, and they will then receive their own code.

Can a person use my code more than once?

No. Multiple people can use your code, but they can only use it once. The code is to help new writers get started.

Is the code valid if a friend purchases multiple journals in one order?

Yes. The 5% discount applies to the entire order. However, it is not applied to shipping costs.

Should I buy a journal for a friend, or send them to the site?

It’s entirely up to you. And your friends. Some people are great at starting new things. Others kind of suck at it. They are all talk. How often do we hear, “Wow! That sounds great. I totally need that. I will do it right away!”? And they never do…

If you have a friend who you think needs Feel Think Do and they will get off their arse and do it themselves, then send them to our site with your code.

But many people need that friend that kicks their arse into gear. That is when we recommend you be “that” friend and organise a journal for them. 

They won’t receive the discount. But you have that warm, fuzzy of helping kick a friend into something new and productive. 

Many of our writers use their rewards to order extra journals to give to friends. They are a great birthday and Christmas gift.

How is my code noted in my profile?

We place your unique code in our database. When we see your code used, we note this in the discount section of your profile. Remember, it accumulates.

Is there a limit to my rewards and discount?

Nope! We believe in organic, holistic growth. Word of mouth and community interaction. We thought about how we can help our writers and how they can help us. Don’t get us wrong, we are a business. We can’t be 100% altruistic. Printing books costs money and we need to make a living. 

But our core value is to help people. We aren’t stooges. Every time you refer a friend to us, we become stronger. Our name gets out there and we are helping people find inspiration and face adversity. We appreciate you help. We love that you have enough faith in us to recommend us to friends. So why would be limit that for the sake of a few bucks? 

Sending out free journals is one of our greatest pleasures. It shows that people love us enough to share with that many people. If your reward is high that we are sending you a free journal… We are stoked! A free journal is the least we can do for your faith and support. 

See below about rewards and shipping.

Is shipping included in the discount?

Normally… No. Discounts apply to the cost of the journal. Shipping is a killer. We calculate shipping rates and also have flat shipping rates for larger orders. But we already absorb some of the normal shipping costs to make it cheaper for our writers. 

However! If we are sending you a free journal… We will cover shipping as well. You are amazing, and we love you! We won't send you a free journal and then hit you up with, “Oh. Now about the shipping. How would you like to pay for that?” Fuck no! Your journal AND shipping are on us.

When will my code expire?

It doesn’t. Your code is valid  for as long as you are with us.

Where do people place my code?

Friends will enter your code in the “apply code” section on the Checkout Page. It will then apply the discount to their order.

How do I receive my reward?

We send a reminder when you are getting close to the end of your 3 month writing period. For now, when you are ready to order your next journal, drop us a line at with the Subject Line: “Discount for my new journal.” 

We will send you a code so you for your checkout. It will apply your reward.

Where can I post my code?

Anywhere you want! We want you helping friends and colleagues. How you do that is up to you!

Is this reward an Affiliate Program?

No. Our Writer Rewards is not an affiliate program. It only corresponds to discounts on your purchases. 

If you think we are worth it, and would like to become an Ambassador for Feel Think Do, then we have an Affiliate Programme where people can earn money for recommending us. Check out our Affiliate Programme FAQ for more info.

Can't find answers? Drop us a line!